Privacy policy

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# What, when, and how we collect data

  • When you create a user, we collect your email, encrypted password, and username.

  • We collect, process, and store the demos that are uploaded to the site. A demofile contains the Steam IDs and in-game nicknames of all the players in the demo. It is your responsibility to ensure that no personal information is encoded in the demos.

  • We collect IP addresses to detect abuse and to help us find and solve bugs.

# Why we collect the data

  • We collect your email to verify you as a user, for resetting your password should you forget it, and important non-commercial communication.

  • We collect your IP address to prevent abuse and to log unexpected errors on the site.

# Storage of data

All collected data is stored using Amazon Web Services. You can read more about Amazon Web Services’ GDPR compliance here.

# Insights and deletion of data

  • If you want access to all the data we have on you and/or want said data deleted, please contact us at

  • If we wish to close your access to the site, we can do so without warning and without any reason.

# Changes to our privacy policy

In the event we change this privacy policy, we will notify you on the email you have provided us.

October 2018