Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find a list of common questions and known issues.

If you don't find an answer to your question, we are ready to help you out on the Noesis discord server.

# Why can't I upload a demo?

Before anything else, be sure that the file you are uploading is

  • unzipped
  • a .dem file (it is not enough just to rename it)
  • a CS:GO GOTV demo*
  • a map we support (check our strategy board for all supported maps)

* Noesis does not support POV nor coach demos yet. If you don't know what those are, you are most likely uploading a GOTV demo which should work.

If all the above can be checked off and it still does not work, you have most likely encountered a bug! And we love to squash bugs - so please let us know about it on the Noesis discord server.

# My demo are missing some rounds!

Noesis has some issues with missing rounds we are already aware of:

  • Can happen when a bot played at some point in the match
  • Can happen if a player left mid-game and another player joined (i.e. if the players of either team change during the match)

If that is not the case for your demo, please let us know about it on the Noesis discord server.

# Can I pay with PayPal?

You can't pay with PayPal in our online store.

However, we do have a PayPal account and can handle a payment and grant access manually. Due to the extra administrative effort we only offer this service for purchases of at least one year access to Noesis.

If you wish to purchase a year using PayPal, send us an email at

# Will you sponsor my team?

We don't have the economy to sponsor teams. It simply pays better to run a betting site.

# I am a streamer. Can I use Noesis in my content?


We love nothing more than to see Noesis in action! So if you want to use Noesis in your content feel free to do so in any way you see fit.