Changelog June

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This post keeps you up to date with all changes to Noesis in June. The post will be updated when new features and fixes are released.

# Remove demo size limit (2019-06-28)

  • You can now upload demos bigger than 500MB
    • The limit increased to 800MB and can easily be increased by us. We have never seen bigger demos in the wild but if you encounter one, let us know!
  • Grenades visualization
    • Checkboxes for players not on the team currently showing will be disabled
    • Added grenade count for each grenade type

# Timeline hover interaction (2019-06-13)

  • Kills visualization
    • Added hover on timeline to highlight kill
    • Added click on killer to highlight kill
    • Disabling "Show kills" will deselect "Only first kills". Same for deaths.
  • Grenades visualization
    • Added hover on timeline to highlight grenade

# Strategy board timings (2019-06-07)

  • Timings can be added to every entity on the strategy board
    • A new game clock entity has been added
  • (Fix) Fixed some demo formats where team names were set incorrectly
    • Fixed some instances of missing data in the grenades view

# Trial limitations (2019-06-05)

  • Noesis trials will now have a demo limit of 5
    • Subscribing to Noesis will now end the trial and immediately increase the demo limit
  • Added newsletter consent in sign up flow
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the cookie prompt would not disappear

# Infrastructure changes (2019-06-04)

  • Improve infrastructure of the demo parsing pipeline
  • Add social media links in Noesis app
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doneUpload and analyze a demo in less than 1 minute
done2D demo viewer
doneAnalyze utility, movement, and kills
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