Grenade view make-over

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The grenade view has received a make-over! You now see a list of all selected grenades sorted by the time of explosion. Hover over any grenade or round in the list and any relevant grenade will be highlighted on the map. The histogram has been recreated from scratch and is now interactive!

The new stats panel shows all the selected grenades grouped in the rounds they were thrown. It shows who threw the grenade and at what time it exploded in the round. You now also have the option to jump directly to the 2D replay of the demo and time where the grenade was thrown.

# Changelog

# Grenade view

  • Added stats panel
    • Selected grenades will be shown here
    • Each row represents a grenade and shows the thrower and type of grenade
    • You can jump directly to the 2D replay of any grenade
  • Removed histogram from map
  • Added histogram to stats panel
    • Hovering a bar will highlight the relevant grenades on the map
  • Added lines to timeline for each grenade
Noesis heatmap

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